Cycled by Penny Farthing

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Sunday 12 th of June saw 13 hardy riders set off in the cold wind and drizzle. A flat tyre at Llangothlin

ensured the speedier Road bike peloton caught up with the Mountain bike rabble before Ben

Lomond….but at least that meant we could have a group photograph at the railway sign.

The fat tyre crew headed down the Wandsworth Road which is one of our nicest rides, the

speedsters took on the longer Moredun Road which they all enjoyed (except Ken who was still on his

MTB). The weather had improved and it was genuinely quite pleasant…but some old chooks decided

an early exit and a bird bath was their best option – good idea and still had time to pick up some

stragglers who were still battling along the Baldersleigh Road back to town.

A bit like the 19 th hole or a post footy match debrief we enjoyed a few ales and told some lies then

the hungry crew woofed into some German inspired tucker and when the guest of honour appeared

the stayers had to celebrate a birthday as well!

Penny Farthing.