Beautiful Countryside

Leaving Guyra Tourist Information Centre (Rafters), head North along New England Highway 150 m.

Turn left onto Tingha/Inverell Rd.

At 25.0 km Take the Wandsworth Rd to right which heads East towards Ben Lomond.

At 30.6 km road surface changes to gravel.

At 39.3 km road surface changes back to tar.

At 41.5 km arrive at Ben Lomond Village.

Turn right onto Ben Lomond Rd which heads back to Guyra.

At 53.5 km turn right onto New England Highway for 750 m then turn right across Railway Line onto Llangothlin Rd (tar) and continue along Back to Guyra.

Ride Length:  64.75 km

Road Surface:  Tar 56.0 km/Gravel 8.75 km

65.3 kilometres
1100m Lowest Elevation
1378m Highest Elevation
03:45 Average Time